Kani Marouf (1991) is a filmmaker and research, currently based in Amsterdam and Slemani. She graduated from Bauhaus University, Weimar and Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam, holding a B.F.A. in Visual Communication and an M.A. in Film, Design & Politics. Her research is guided by the subject’s imprisonment, rooted in the rigidity of the image. In her practice, she questions the image in relation to its making and a desensitized audience as its recipient. The narrative element of linearity in film versus punctuality in photography hereby becomes a tool of understanding the possibilities of storytelling. Where photography is erasing the past and the future of the motive, moving images can dissolve in both ways. 

Services include:

Visual Consultancy

Workshops on filmmaking, montage & storytelling

Script Analytics

Research Assistance for film development

Freelance Editing, Writing

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