Kani Marouf (1991) graduated from Bauhaus University, Weimar and Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam. She holds a B.F.A. in Visual Communication and an M.A. in Film, Design & Politics. She works as a filmmaker and researcher. Her research is guided by the subject’s imprisonment, rooted in the punctuality of the image. In her practice, she questions the image in relation to the sociological idea of deviance, brutality, and exile. The narrative element of linearity in film versus punctuality in photography hereby becomes a tool of understanding the possibilities of storytelling. Where photography is erasing the past and the future of the motive, moving images can dissolve in both ways. 

Versus Eternity is her collaborative practice with Michael Weber, established by both in 2016 at Bauhaus.
For inquiries, collaborations and more information please visit Versus Eternity or Bureau Carrosse. Full CV upon request.