All I see is you

(2019, 56 min)

All I see is you is a diagnostic look into modern Kurdistan, following a teenage girl uncovering a potential interest in filmmaking, a lonesome widow singing the songs of her life and a group of philosophy students working as butchers and beekeepers. Conceptually guided by the topic of glorification, the film is structured into acts of intervention in the protagonists’ everyday life. In doing so, the before and after of the portrait allow a glimpse into the effects and meaning of creating an image for the portrayed. Drafting these cinematic scenes became a tool of analysis in the lead up to the initial shoot, attributing specific probs to specific people. What is hidden in the multitude of these decisions in order to film, is cinema‚Äôs impact on the people it wishes to narrate. 

Screened at Moving Arts Center Amsterdam as part of the group show As real as it can get by Shadow Channel