Journey towards Nullity

(2019, 9 min, single-channel loop)

Wherever one seemingly is located, images show the potentiality to draw the spectator into another location. This mentality of the image results in us being drawn away from the present reality, into an image-reality. The resulting effects are known, commonly compressed in the concepts of imagination and escapism. Looking through the room, witnessing diagnosing professionals always at an armlength distance to their subject of research — in this case, the sedated public and the screeching artist — one quickly realizes how far the inability to make the image an actual sensation, the immunity against the magical gesture so to say, has spread. 
Journey towards Nullity is a screen-based installation, exploring the cloud image in its placeholder characteristics and mundanity. In its inability to settle into one place, the cloud is morphing from one form to another. As it is subjected by the viewers’ imagination, the cloud settles into a resembling image. Journey towards Nullity is not aiming to confront the spectator nor the sedated public in order to enliven them, but it is the instrument of the professional, the righteousness of the artistic image that is the target, encapsulated by the image of the cloud.

Produced in collaboration with Michael Weber
Solo Show at Rietveld Pavilion in April 2019